Our business solutions

Harbor Medical proudly announces our revolutionary business solutions for all international buyers, whatever products you are looking for, however the operation ways you would like to make, we have a tailored solution for you with 100% satisfaction guaranteed!


EyesOnSite Analytics

  • Supplier Lookup - we will suggest and find the ideal supplier for you among thousands of alternatives
  • Comprehensive Supplier Audit - we will make factory audit, business background checking, financial healthy checking to make sure your future partner is robust enough
  • Product Pre-check - we’ll help check their product before you make any decisions
  • Business Terms Negotiation - we will help negotiate contract, pricing to guarantee your most benefits


  • Production process monitor - with seamless communication with your supplier, we will monitor the production status, and guarantee your lead time
  • Preloading checking - we’ll monitor the loading process to make sure no missing and no conflict
  • Shipment management and optimization - we can optimize your shipments ways from multiple suppliers, to lower your shipping cost

Deliver seamless communication

Our methodical process, perfected by our 30 years’ experience and insight into the market, ensures an effective and productive communication between vendors and buyers; we guarantee the communication is smooth, timely and accurate.

  • Eliminate cultural, language and different time zone barriers
  • Contract/price integrity
  • Data transparency
Enable immediate results

Through our Supply Chain Optimization services, we will save your time and lower your risk to find the right partner; we help you improve productivity and reduce costs.

  • Factory assessments
  • Product assessments
  • Contract/price integrity
Invest in your business growth

We partner with you on longer-term initiatives that nimbly support your expanding footprint.

  • Consolidated sourcing service
  • Logistic optimization