Wuxi Harbor Medical Technology Co.,Ltd. was initially founded in 2012 by veterans of medical field, with an annual growth rate averaging 30%, is fast becoming one of the most recognized product solution provider of medical consumable products, including but not limited to: Anesthesia, Respiratory, Urology, Gynecology, Surgery Room and others.

Our innovated business solution EyesOnSite Analytics helps you make your smartest decision from supplier selection, factory audit, terms negotiation to product shipment. Our core value is we have been severing the medical market for over 30 years, we understand know how, we understand business logic, and we are just good at all terms negotiation to secure benefits for all our clients.

We believe better products and better experience are deserved by our respected clients, which is what we are pursuing since the first day we were founded.

Our highly responsive customer service ensures that the products you need will be in your hands as quickly as possible, try our demo service to test out the product before you buy, or contact us to see if a better product solution would be available to change your way to success.

We are available by Phone, live chat by Skype/ WhatsApp/WeChat, or by email to answer any questions you may have.